Online scheduling is a breeze helps patients find doctors, and book appointments online — instantly!

Why Join 6abeeb

Patients search for you on

Patients can search for you by specialty, location, gender preference, and by the insurance networks you are in. Patients can get to know you by viewing your profile details (i.e. education, qualifications, and custom professional statement). They can even "Like" your profile and share it on their social network!

Booking an Appointment

You provide available times, by setting up your schedule in advance. That way, an appointment is made at both the doctor's, & patient's convenience.

You receive the appointment details. Patients provide their information and can even leave you a note to read prior to their appointment.

Why Join 6abeeb

You receive the appointment details and reminders!

Patients provide their reason for visit and insurance information, so your practice always runs smoothly.

We send several appointment reminders to make sure your patients show up on time.

Why Join 6abeeb

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