Expand Your Horizons.

6abeeb.com can help take your business to new heights!

Why Join 6abeeb

Attract More Patients!

6abeeb.com’s primary focus is to generate new patient inquiries to your practice.

By Creating awareness through 6abeeb.com's social media channels, your outreach will improve significantly.

Why Join 6abeeb

Why Join 6abeeb

24/7 Online Booking

Whether your phones are busy, or it's after hours and your office is closed.

6abeeb.com can have you up and running, receiving new patient bookings online very fast, leaving you to care for your existing patients and grow your practice.

Easier Appointment Management

Patients will receive notifications and reminders of their upcoming appointments via SMS & Email. Doctors also receive notifications of all booking activities to ensure accurate records.

The industry average is a 40% reduction in canceled appointments when using SMS and email Push notification calendar reminders.

Why Join 6abeeb

Why Join 6abeeb

Recieve feedback!

We understand how important and essential it is to receive feedback. Listening to what your patients have to say will help better the equality of the service you provide.

Also bettering the overall quality of healthcare in the region.

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